Karen Momper

Director of Business Development

Karen earned a B.A. in Chemistry with a minor in Marketing from the University of Dayton. She completed an Undergraduate Thesis while there, and worked in the Office of Admission leading campus tours and doing student recruitment.

Karen then joined the Bristol-Myers Squibb Company. During her ten years of employment there, she served in many Primary Care and Hospital Sales roles. During this time, she became knowledgeable in multiple outpatient and inpatient therapeutic areas, negotiated formulary contracts, and promoted more than twelve products.

Since then, Karen has taken on several non-profit initiatives whereby she has initiated a group, raised funding when needed, and marketed and maintained a leadership role in the organization. She has also created and presented speeches geared at fund-raising for not-for-profit organizations that led to significant donations. In one case she is particularly passionate about, she helped raise funds to establish an in-house Therapeutic Massage Therapy Program to treat Oncology Patients at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Hospital in Portland, Oregon, a role previously filled by intermittent volunteers.

Karen is happily married and a proud mother to two sons. In addition to multiple volunteer roles at her Parish and children’s School, Karen also does live reads for IRIS Radio, a free service that provides audio news and literature for the visually impaired. Karen is also the survivor of a stem cell transplant (2009), and is grateful to serve as a Board Member of the Cell Therapy Foundation.


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