Michael Coleman, ph.d.

President and CEO


Michael brings a wealth of research and new drug development experience to NeuroFx.  He directed teams at GeneMedicine and Valentis in Houston, Texas, prior to accepting a role with Centelion (a subsidiary of Sanofi-Aventis) as Vice President of R&D.   He there led a team of 50 scientists in discovery, process & clinical development, and regulatory affairs.  Most recently, Michael was President and CEO of InGeneron, a medical device firm committed to driving personal regenerative medicine therapies.  During his tenure InGeneron attained several regulatory approvals in Europe and initiated clinical trials in the US under FDA approval.

Michael has dedicated his career to directing research projects, developing intellectual property, ushering these innovations through regulatory paths, and ultimately seeing new therapies into the clinic.  He has also continued to publish research in peer reviewed journals and maintain a close relationship with leading researchers and clinicians in academia.

He earned his bachelors and masters degrees from Texas A&M, his doctorate from Penn State, and completed post-doctoral work at the Baylor College of Medicine.  

Michael has a passion for the regenerative medicine space.  He’s long thought that a cell-free option is where the future of regenerative therapy is headed, and believes the manufacturing progress and patent protection makes for a winning combination for NFx-101 to become a first-in-class therapeutic.  In his own words, “NeuroFx’s Therapeutic Factor Concentrate technology solves the key issues limiting clinical application of stem cell based therapies.   I am excited for the opportunity to be part of developing this technology that will provide life changing benefits patients and disrupt the field of regenerative medicine.”


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